Guard Yourself – MSD

Out of all the different types of cancer, Cervical cancer is the cause of the highest number of deaths among women. In India, an average of 8 women die from it every hour. However, cervical cancer also happens to be the only form of cancer that can be cured with a vaccination.

This isn’t something that all women are aware of. MSD, an OPPI member company, wanted to raise awareness about this pressing issue. To do this, they started the ‘Guard Yourself’ initiative. To make women comfortable enough to talk about the disease, an array of female celebrities joined the advocacy team. Additionally, MSD collaborated with over 1,800 private hospitals and clinics around the country.

The program follows a three-step process: education, screening and vaccination. All participating hospitals and clinics have healthcare practitioners who can counsel and diagnose women. The screening process is done with a simple pap smear test and if symptoms are detected, the vaccination process starts.

Through a simple yet effective outreach mechanism, many women around the country have benefitted immensely.

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