Changing Diabetes in Children – Novo Nordisk

Science has come a long way. Today, even if a child is diagnosed with diabetes, there are ways to manage it. But for children who fall under the ‘Below Poverty Line’ category, access to these resources is limited, which in turn, limits such kids from living their childhood to the fullest.

While many organizations and bodies are trying to fill this gap, efforts are sporadic and limited to certain locations. Looking to create a long-term solution, Novo Nordisk, an OPPI member company, started Changing Diabetes in Children (CDiC). The program has partnered with leading private hospitals, government institutions, NGOs and doctors. Through its 21 main centers and 27 sub-centers, CDiC provides children with type 1 diabetes various resources like free insulin, syringes, glucometers, test strips and diagnostic tests. Along with this, CDiC also provides training to various healthcare professionals across the country.

The impact is phenomenal. Over 4,000 kids are registered and over 4,200 healthcare professionals have been trained. Through the CDiC model, many children can now lead a normal healthy life.

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